Wallace 100 Art trail and Launch event

I will be showing a group of new works using monoprint and stitch on found book pages at our Wallace 100 launch event and art trail in November.

‘Wallace 100’ Art Trail and Launch Event 

Art Trail 7-24 Nov – Hertford Town Centre; various shops and businesses

art trail map to follow shortly..!

Launch Event – a one day exhibition at Courtyard Arts centre on Sun 10 Nov   1-4

Video, installation, printmaking, sculpture

at  Courtyard Arts Centre, Hertford , Port Vale, Hertford  SG14 3AA


3 images triptych smaller

Press release

Caryl Beach, Sally Tyrie and Veronica Grassi studied together at the University of Hertfordshire on the MA Fine Art course and are currently based at Digswell Arts Trust studios. Following on from a show at Courtyard Arts in Hertford in 2012, which examined Hertford’s heritage, they have come together again to create work that responds to one of Hertford’s historical residents, Alfred Russell Wallace.

 ‘Wallace 100’ Art Trail coincides with nationwide events being organised by the Natural History Museum and partner institutions around the world to ‘commemorate the life and work of Alfred Russel Wallace on the 100th anniversary of his death in 1913’.



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