Thought provoking range of work at the Tate

last thursday I went to the Tate Britain. I have to admit its been a long time since I have been to a london show, and no wonder – The off peak railcard has shockingly gone up to £19.00 !!!

However, it was well worth the travel cost. The watercolour show on till 21st August (too long in my view)  is wonderful. A very large range of examples of the medium and it included some of my favourites. For instance, some studies by John Sell Cotman. (an influence on my work whilst I was studying for my degree) . Also a large painting by Ian Mckeever, a contemporary artist who was an important find whilst I was doing my MA. The image below is similar to the work on view.

Ian Mckeever 'sentinel' gouache and pencil on paper 2005

We also went into the Tate’s retrospective of the work of Susan Hiller. ‘Witness’ and ‘ The last Silent movie were especially intriguing. I loved the series of etchings based on oscilloscope traces of the voices of the last speakers of extinct or endangered languages. A kind of visual recording, as a drawing ,of something lost and potentially forgotten.   On till 15th May

'comanche' etching by susan hiller 2007